10. TRON Halfmarathon and SRCEF Fun Run

March 04, 2017. Athletic and recreational club TRON will host the best, most persistent and most positive runners for the 10th time.
The event that opens the spring calendar, half marathon at Palic is an opportunity to check how much you trained during the winter.

DATE AND START LOCATION: March 04th 2017. 11:00am, Saturday, Palic, Grand Terrace (46.098715, 19.758606)
EXPO: Grand Terrace, park, Lake Palić
RACE TYPES: Halfmaraton (21,0975 km) , SRCEF Fun Run 5km
ROUTE: Half-marathon runners will run 3, and a SRCEF Fun Run runners 1 lap

This is how one lap will look like:
Both Halfmarathon and Fun Run start at the Great Terrace at 11am.

TIMING: TRON Birthday Halfmarathon and SRCEF Fun Run will have digital timing, with the help of RFID chips, in cooperation with EVOCHIP from Hungary.
REFRESHMENT STATIONS AND MEDICAL HELP: There will be 2 refreshment stations per lap (6 in total for halfmarathon runners)
Medical teams will be standing nearby.
Runners run on their on responsibility!
AGE LIMIT: People younger than 18 years old cannot participate in the halfmarathon!
(everyone born on March 04th 1999. and before CAN participate)
For participants younger than 18 years old agreement should be brought signed by a parent or a coach.
ANOUNCING THE WINNERS: 10 minutes afer the last halfmarathon runner has passed the finish line (goes for both races)
CATEGORIES: Halfmarathon: Absolute, M-40, M-50, M-60 and higher, F-35, F-50 and higher.
Fun Run 5km: Absolute Male and Female.
Runner that wins in Absolute Categories does not win an award in other categories.
TIME LIMIT: 2 hours 45 minutes
AWARDS AND RESULTS: Runners that win first three places in Absolute Category get a goblet and symbolic commodity awards.
Runners that win first three places in Age Categories get medals.
Every participant gets a diploma with their finish time, and halfmarathon runners also get a medal.
Results will be put online later during the race day on ark TRON marathon site.
  • Pasta party – Friday, March 04th 2017.
  • Chip timing
  • Entry COUPON for “St Elisabeth” swimming pool and spa in MORAHALOM – HUGARY Entry WITH the coupon will be 200 dinars (1.6 €)
  • runner number
  • Shirt (100% poliester)
  • Polo T-shirt
  • Ads from the sponsors
  • Refreshment stations
  • Participation medal (for both races)
  • Diploma
  • Birthday cake
  • Sandwich
  • Medical teams


Start Packages can be picked up:
– Day before the race from 18:00 to 21:00h (during the Pasta Party),
– On the race day from 08:00-10:30 in the Congress Hall of the Grand Terrace.

(Entry fee is the same for both races)
  • Registration fee is the same for both races.
  • Registration fee payed before February, 01 2017. is 15€
  • Registration fee payed after February, 01 2017. and before March, 01 2017. is 20€
  • Registration fee can payed after February, 28 2017.,
    it is still 20€ , but the T-shirt will not be included in the startup package, and it can be payed and taken only a day before on Pasta party.

Info on payment can be found here –>

Link for registration: